In order to meet the production needs of our customers, Penn State Manufacturing Co. maintains and provides a comprehensive Rental Inventory of Instruments and Accessories. Call us toll free at 800-452-1604 and we’ll assist you in selecting the correct equipment configuration to meet your goals. We can also custom-build a rental package to fill your temporary equipment needs.

We offer competitive Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rates, as well as an affordable Rent-to-Purchase Plan that will fit any budget.

Rental Benefits:

  • Fill temporary equipment needs.
  • Try out new systems, risk free!
  • Daily, weekly, monthly rental rates.
  • Next day or 2-Day shipping; Pick-up is also available.
  • Always work with up-to-date instruments.
  • Expand the variety of products you work with.
  • Equipment is serviced and calibrated before each rental.

Click here for our RENTAL INVENTORY and RATES (if you do not see a particular item on this list, please call for availability)
Click here for our RENTAL POLICIES



1. Payment by Credit Card, Check or Money Order is due in full, in advance, at the beginning of the Rental Period. Please complete, sign and fax us the CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM (click above to download).
2. Daily Rates are calculated to the nearest full-day. After one full month of consecutive rental, the Daily Rate will be pro-rated at 1/30th the Monthly Rate. Our minimum rental charge is $80.
3. Weekends and Holidays will be included as additional rental days.
4. Rental Rates will not be reduced due to an “act of nature”.

Equipment can be Picked-Up or Shipped to the customer only after the customer completes, signs and returns to us the EQUIPMENT RENTAL AGREEMENT (click above to download). IDENTIFICATION and PROOF OF INSURANCE will be required.

Equipment will be returned to our facility along with the EQUIPMENT RENTAL RETURN FORM (click above to download).

Rental period begins on the day the equipment is due to be received by the customer via customer pick-up or shipping.
Rental period ends on the day the equipment is received back at our facility.

We will also require a SECURITY DEPOSIT in the amount of:
a) 80% of the value of the instrument (for used equipment)
b) The difference between the Purchase Price and the Rental Fee (for brand new equipment)
The Security Deposit will be fully refunded at the end of the rental period if the instrument is returned back to us on schedule and in perfect condition.



Penn State Manufacturing Co. offers a flexible Rent-to-Purchase Plan through which a One-Week Rental Fee can be credited toward the Purchase of a rented instrument. Usually, the instruments we offer for this plan are new.
Customer will pay the One-Week Rent in advance, plus a Deposit (check, cash or credit card) for the difference between the instrument’s final Purchase Price and the One-Week Rental Fee.
If the customer does not wish to purchase the instrument and if the instrument is returned to us in perfect condition at the end of the first rental week, we will refund the deposit.
If the customer does not return the instrument back to us at the end of the first rental week, we will consider that the instrument has been purchased by the customer and we’ll keep the deposit.

All Rental-to-Purchase transactions must be clearly defined before the start of the Rental Period, otherwise any paid rental charges will not be applicable towards a buyout.